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The Programme

With the advent of the internet driven era, organizations are transforming their operations so that they can harness the power of the web driven ecosystem and grow sustainably. This has led to the digitization of both processes and products. In such a digital economy, the need was realized to leverage upon innovative business models to reach out to new customers and segments. In view of this, digital marketing and hence the emergence of search engines and social media has played a significant role. In addition to this, strategic innovation approaches are needed to optimize the innovation portfolio, to help organizations achieve sustained competitive advantage and transformational growth. These emerging approaches are heavily dependent on leveraging the information assets of the organizations which is possible through the business analytics.

With the unique features of technology orientation and a blend of creativity and analytical problem-solving skills, our programme is aimed to develop holistic managers who internalize a synthesis of conventional and modern management – thinking and who can comfortably adapt to changing business requirements. The program provides the students with various routes to the industry, matching its requirements with their skills and predispositions. Every student gets the opportunity to take initial sessions in functional areas of excellence to have a fundamental understanding of management as a scientific discipline. Along with the initial functional areas of knowledge, the students also get a cross functional perspective which is more aligned to the scope of the programme.

The programme strives to equip working professionals to meet the emerging needs of the digital economy. The programme exposes the participants to the following:

  • Gain the insights of strategic management and innovation and work towards achieving competitive advantage
  • Understand how to use digital marketing, using search engines, websites, online content and social media
  • Understand the different models of business analytics (e.g. predictive, web, social media, big data, etc)

The programme uses a mix of case studies, hands on tools, class lectures, group assignments and industry lectures to provide an immersive learning experience during the weekends for a minimum of 180 hours of intensive learning experience.