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About CEP

To compete successfully in today’s ever-changing global environment arena, it is imperative to invest in training and development. Continuing Education programme (CEP) are outreach programme offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to various organizations, engineers, planners, technology forecasters, technology developers, management thinkers and corporate leaders. A range of short term courses, long term courses, seminars and various certificate programmes are conducted as part of such outreach programme.

Business leaders and Professionals engaged in different professions may take advantage of formal coursework, conferences or seminars offered in the classroom to address their educational needs, to remain updated in their fields, learn new skills, change careers or enhance their marketability or improve their businesses and organizations.

CEP not only increase the efficiency but they also help the company increase employee retention, gain their loyalty, and ultimately boost organizational productivity. Our team at CEP office and faculty is expert in using the right mix of learning methodologies, with a clear view on the desired goals.