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FAQs for Applicants

FAQs for Applicants

The interested applicants and participants often have a lot of question regarding the programme. Please go through this list of FAQs which should clear most of your queries.

Q1) Is this a degree programme? What is the eligibility.

No this is a short term training programme.However the programme is extremely intensive with a minimum of 180 hours of classroom contact sessions spread over 6 months.

Part time or Executive MBA in IIT Delhi is a 3 years programme with 72 credits of 14 hours / credit.

Q2) What kind of certificate is provided?

A certificate of participation from CEP is given to all participants who will score over 50% overall in internal assessments and have over 75% attendance.

Q3) Is this completely theoretical or some hands on sessions on tools are there?

Some hands on training will be available. However most of the classes will be discussion oriented and case study driven. A lot of group assignments will be available to create complex and simulated learning scenarios.

Q4) Is this an online programme or classroom contact programme?

This is a classroom / contact based programme. Classes happen on weekends in IITD.

Q5) Are placements provided on completion of programme?

This is a training programme for already working executives. We do not facilitate placements.

Q6) Do we get alumni status on completion of the programme?

Only regular MBA program participants get alumni status in IITD. Short Term Course participants are not eligible for alumni status.

Q7) Are there financing facilities available?

No. We do not have any tie-ups with banking or financial services organization.

Q8) Will study material be provided?

Yes, a lot of study material will be provided to all participation. You will be given a lot of books, research based articles and case studies to prepare yourself for future growth.

Q9) Who will teach in the programme?

Faculty members of IITD will deliver over 80% of the lectures. Some lectures may be provided by industry speakers and external experts.

Q10) What is the credit equivalence of the programme?

There is no credit equivalence of this training programme. This is a management development programme and so credit transfer is not possible.

Q11) Do you provide laptops for hands on sessions?

No, participants need to bring their own laptops. Internet access through IITD WiFi is provided. You will have access to the digital library of IITD through this internet access.

Q12) Do you provide accommodation facilities?

No, there are no accommodation facilities.

Q13) Will refreshments be available during the programme?

Some arrangements for refreshments will be there. However it is likely to be vegetarian only.

Q14) What is the eligibility criteria?

All graduates are eligible. Students undertaking graduation in the final year are also eligible.

Q15) What is my single point of contact?

For any clarifications, feel free to contact the programme coordinators.

Q16) What is the selection process?

Strictly on the merit and match with programme objectives. Since number of seats are limited, we check the academic and work experience background to identify candidates who would be able to follow the classes and benefit from the programme.